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Efficient, friendly, and professional.

“Incredible experience with Toronto Movers Pro and their team . They were efficient, friendly, and professional. Such kind people who took wonderful care of our things. Couldn’t recommend them more highly!!”

Toronto Movers Pro: Reliable & Affordable Moving Services

Toronto Movers Pro

Stress-free & affordable moves in Toronto and beyond. Toronto Movers Pro handles it all!

For over two decades, We’ve built a reputation for quality service and dedication in Toronto and surrounding areas.

A big chunk of our customers comes from referrals given by our previous customers. Hence, you get an idea at which level we operate. With over 500+ internet reviews, multiple awards, and several province coverages, we are one of the biggest moving companies in Canada.

So, don’t worry about your moving task. No matter how big or complex it is, we will do that with utmost perfection. Our folks will ensure you get the best possible relocation experience of your life.

Tim Fauser
Tim Fauser
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Guys showed up when expected. They did a great job of ensuring nothing was damaged. And everything was stacked and organized so well. I would use CMP again.
Joe Perry
Joe Perry
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The two folks who moved our basement apartment were accommodating, professional, and fast! I've used this full moving service twice. Both times have been pleasant, painless on time, and without damage to any items. I will use CMP any time I need a move!
Tammi Feltham
Tammi Feltham
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I just wanted to let you know that I showed up on time. They were fast and careful—flexible concerning restrictions at senior's home. I would use it again.
Eric Fraser
Eric Fraser
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The team arrived on time and worked quickly—no damage to our furniture. The price was also very reasonable! I recommend it and will use it again in the future.
Rechelle MacDonald
Rechelle MacDonald
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It was a great experience overall. The guys were efficient and professional and followed COVID protocols. I'd recommend this company!
Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison
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The team that helped with my recent residential move came on time. It was efficient and professional throughout the process. Overall, the service was excellent!
Brad Russell
Brad Russell
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First time using a moving company. These guys were efficient and affordable. I'd recommend them. It made it much less stressful.

How to Get Our Services

Getting our services is easy. You just have to follow four easy steps in order to get in touch with us.
Let’s look at those in detail:

Step 1: Initial Approach

You will let us know that you need some moving assistance. This could be done via email, call, or directly coming to our office.

Step 2: Estimation

After the initial approach, we will discuss all about your expectations, budget, moving dates, and other factors. Later, we will give you a moving estimate.

Step 3: Moving Day

We will look closely at the windows and find a perfect date for you. To get a preferred date, you should knock us out as early as possible.

Step 4: We Roll

Last but not least, we head over to your old place and start our job. And this is our you get our service.

Trusted by the best

Most Affordable Moving Service in Toronto

At Toronto Movers Pro, we believe that everybody should have access to quality moving services. No matter how big or small a relocation request is, they should get the best possible experience. To implement that, we keep our hourly rates competitive and other charges low. There is no hidden fee or extra charge for anything too.

Most companies do not stay on the initial estimate. They find different loopholes and try to increase the last bill to a whole new level. Not us. We remain in the promised range after the project completion. If there is a case where we need to tweak the budget a bit, we will discuss it with you first. However, our estimates are pretty accurate. So, the ratio is way too low to do this.

As a result, you get the luxury to stay within your budget. There will be no reason to break your bank account on a moving project with us.

Stress-Free Moving Experience

Moving is a stressful job. One little mistake could potentially make you lose hundreds of dollars. Hence, you need precise action in all phases. That’s what we try to offer to our lovely Toronto folks. Our movers take care of everything in your project. From packing to loading to cleaning, we have everything in our sleeves for you.

As a result, you can remain stress-free and focus on other important parts of your life. With us around, you don’t have to lay a single finger on anything. Our professional movers will make sure everything is safe, secured, and ready for transit. 

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The Services We Provide

Toronto Movers Pro offers an array of quality moving, packing, and other services in the whole province.
However, let’s look at the most common ones that we mostly do.

Residential movers toronto

Residential Moving

Do you need to relocate your Toronto house to somewhere else? Well, Toronto Movers Pro can do that for you. Our experienced folks will pack, load, and transit your household items just like that. All you have to do is to show us the way.

Office Movers Toronto

Commercial & Office Moving

Thinking of opening another office or moving the old one to a different city? No problem, we have got your back. Our professional movers will make sure all of your office items are packed and launched for the destination properly. 

Long Distance Movers Toronto

Long Distance Moving

Whether you’re moving a few blocks within the same city or to a different province, Toronto Movers Pro can assist you there. We have the fastest trucks, top-quality packing materials, and proper packers to ready your items for the long journey.  


Senior Moving

Elderly folks require proper care and attention in the eclipse of their lives. For this reason, our exclusive senior moving services cover all the basic and micro parts. We leave nothing behind and ensure everything is in its place so that the old folks can use the house at once.

Student Moving

Are you a student moving from home to a college dorm or another apartment? If yes, we can help you with the whole relocation part. This way, you can enjoy the last days at home with your family rather than sweating out about the move. Also, we provide many discounts for the students. Call us today and get to know more. 

Long/Short-Term Storage Toronto

Long/Short-Term Storage

We have the safest and most modern storage facility in the town. You can keep your valuable goods here without worrying much. The facility is for both long and short term. So, no worries about the clearance part too. 

Packing Unpacking Services Toronto

Packing & Unpacking Services

Our moving company in Toronto has the best professional packers in town. They pack and load your items with utmost efficiency and perfectness. As a result, when we reach the new locations, we get your possessions without a scratch.

Piano Moving Toronto

Piano Moving

At Toronto Movers Pro, we all are music enthusiasts. We know the value of a great musical instrument like a piano. Hence, the love and care we’ll show for your piano can not be matched. No matter how close or far you want to move it, we can do that for you.

Why Choose Toronto Movers Pro?

When it comes to relocation services, Toronto Movers Pro means business. We are experienced, strong, and hungry for success. There are many reasons to consider moving with us:

We’re Experienced

We have been in the moving industry for over 25 years now. During this time, we have done thousands of relocation projects in thousands of different categories. So, nothing surprises us anymore. We can take on any challenge on any day.

We’re Professionals

Our folks are the industry standard. They come from a long line of interviews, physical training, and grooming sessions. As a result, you will find them top professionals in every phase of your move. We like to keep things tight and crisp. 

Unreal Precision

We like to complete all projects with utmost precision. From paperwork to in-person tasks, everything is neat and clean with us. Our folks keep every record in detail so that you can look into them if you like. This means we leave nothing behind when we pack, load, and transport all of your valuable goods.  

Our Movers are well Trained

Since our employees a product of long training and grooming sessions, they are top industry professionals. They are friendly, and polite, and work with you for a better outcome. We made them problem solvers, so they never panic.

We’ve The Fastest Trucks

Trucks are the most important aspect of a moving company. For this reason, we have a fleet of them. These are fast beasts with quality security inside. As a result, your items don’t get damaged because of the long journey. 

Best Customer Support

Customers are more like a family to us. For this reason, we always ensure they get the best treatment. That’s why, one of us will always be there with you. You can ask us questions regarding your move anytime. Our support team will make sure to answer everything for you.

Junk Removal Toronto

We Take Care of the Junk Too!

We all know how many junks gather during a relocation project in both old and new places. Removing them is another pain. Sometimes, you are too busy to do it for yourself. That’s where our Junk Removal services come into play. We clean all the junk for you and make the place newer.

Toronto Movers Pro believes in the green movement and a cleaner world. For this reason, our waste removal facility ensures nothing is dumped unethically. We follow all the regulations and ensure the recycled items go to the proper place. So, call us today if you need somebody to clear your old or new home. 

Top Quality Packing and Unpacking Experience

Relocation is a whole new level of stress. You need to keep track of all the small details to complete it with utmost success. And the big part of the “Success” solely depends on the packaging. Without it, there’s a huge chance of your items getting a hit of some degree. To avoid that, we have the best packers and packing materials for you.

Our professional packers will pack your assets without any loopholes. As a result, they will be ready to travel any distance you prefer. Also, we provide top-quality packing materials. With these, we will wrap all the items and make sure they are ready for transit. So, don’t just wait there and think. Pick up your phone and contact us to get the best relocation services in Toronto. 

Your Documents are Safe in Our Storage Facility

Relocation doesn’t only contain chairs, tables, and pieces of furniture. It is much more than that, especially in office or corporate moves. Here, you have servers, routers, electric cables, computers, and private office documents. You don’t want others to sneak in these papers. For this reason, we have the best storage facility, where all kinds of assets will remain safe.

Our climate control technology will not only save your items from damage but also from different weather conditions. Also, we have both long and short-term facilities for you. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the time anymore. Call us today and book our facility for your next move. Our folks will be more than happy to assist you. 

Storage Services Toronto

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Are you looking for a top-quality Toronto moving company? Well, look no further now. Toronto Movers Pro is here to receive your call. We have the best movers, fastest trucks, quality packing materials, and modern equipment. Relocating your products from point A to point B will be nothing but a piece of cake for us.

So, as you know, to hire us, call our hotline or leave a mail. One of our communication guys will pick that up for you and fix a meeting with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Toronto Movers Pro have hidden charges?

No, we don’t have any hidden charges. Everything you see is the last layer. Our operations have always been honest and transparent. 

Can you guys help me clean?

Toronto Moves Pro offers comprehensive junk removal services. So, we can help you clean your old or new place. Call us to know more. 

Are you guys open on the weekends and holidays?

It depends on the holidays and weekends. We do take last-minute calls from our clients. But to be sure, you should call us and know in detail.

When should I book my Toronto move?

You can book whenever you feel like. But to be precise with everything, we suggest our customers book at least a month before the move.